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Senior Day Care Centres


3 locations




Design Consultancy

Floor Area

9000 sqft

The senior day care centres were recently renovated to cater for the ever-increasing demands for elder care facilities in Singapore. Conceptualised with wellness and inclusivity in mind, it is designed with dementia-friendly features to ensure that patients can socialise and enjoy planned activities in a group setting while receiving essential care services.

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The centres are designed utilising a Universal Design process, in which spaces are optimised for specific uses. Some of these Universal Design elements include wheelchair-friendly accessibility throughout the facilities, and the availability of flexible, multi-function spaces made possible through the use of soft furnishings and/or modular furniture. Additionally, the centre also includes physical activity corners with flexible-use equipment for various forms of rehabilitation, lounges/quiet rooms for patients who require a serene environment and dedicated clinical rooms for patients who require medical care.

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