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Roche Diagnostics


Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific


Aperia Tower 1




Design & Build

Floor Area

41000 sqft

Roche, a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics focused on advancing science to improve people’s lives, requested a redesign of their office in Singapore, a space spanning three floors. They wanted to create a working environment focused on purpose and performance while still having a comfortable design to improve their employees’ experience at work. It also had to adhere to the global directive of being a timeless expression of spartan elegance, and offer inclusivity and diversity with some local context.

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The result was a minimalistic and muted interior design, without excessive elements. Black or white cupboards were paired with walls of the same tone to keep the monochromatic vibe. Touches of green, coral pink and light blue were subtly introduced throughout the office, some within wall cubbies that doubled as isolated work areas, while others were on the carpets or ceilings. To add warmth, natural finishes like wood were used throughout the workplace. A moss wall was also included in the entrance area while plants that have low water consumption were arranged throughout the office not only for aesthetics but also as space dividers.

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