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Tcube is a hybrid multi-use space by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) that was developed as a platform to help various stakeholders in the tourism industry move towards digital transformation.

It represents a safe space for collaboration, to learn, test, and build, bringing like-minded partners together to leverage the right digital resources.

The name Tcube comes from the three Ts—Tourism, Technology, and Transformation—which form T3 or Tcube. Thus, the logo for this space features the letter T encased in the shape of a cube with a pattern inspired by digital code, the backbone of today’s technology.

Given the nature of Tcube, the design philosophy for the Workplace Interior was based on creating a dynamic and safe environment where users would be inspired to explore, share and discover. With the 'digital' keyword ever-present within the space, it was also paramount to create a balance in the design, so as not to overwhelm visitors with more processes that could inhibit experimentation.

One major challenge was that its layout branches out to two dead ends. This made it tricky to introduce a flow that encourages innovation but at the same time provides the balance of varying spaces that adapts to each group of users, while still supporting connectivity, both planned and organic. Through a partnership with the design thinking firm, Thinkplace, research was conducted to understand the culture and goals of the tourism industry. The result was a layout that had highly malleable corridors and common walkways, which can be easily adapted to suit the unique needs of each user. This versatility also makes it easier to test out different prototypes within the space.

Beyond spatial planning, sensory activations were also incorporated within Tcube to balance out the digital interventions. A perforated ceiling design enables a dappled spotlighting effect on common walkways creating a more immersive experience that engages with the users as they move through Tcube. This also serves as a meditative transition subtly nudging them to step out of their comfort zone to innovate.