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Sporting an earthy colour palette that synthesises its spaces like a well-rehearsed symphony, this office interior combines two juxtaposing ambiances to mark the different spaces within the office. The interior design by SCA presents an interesting journey.

Design direction

For this project, the Management of this Financial Institution had eventually settled on two different vibes. Opting a formal ambiance for the reception area and central meeting zone they picked a ‘Bold and Warm’ look while the Light and Modern touch was preferred for the work area. From the onset, the challenge was to marry these concepts to appear harmonious throughout the space and it was accomplished by implementing similar architectural elements and materials to link both moods.

Design Journey

SCA kickstarted the design process began by splitting the workspace into two business units. The shared service was planned around the entry zone of the office to enable easy access for both business units. Designed mostly in shades of black with accents of timber and greenery, the flexible and progressive space artfully strikes a balancing act to ensure the space is edgy and bold yet vibrant. Proceed within, and you will find enclosed office spaces are housed around the building core, and away from window façade to allow optimal natural light to reach all users, while workstations are situated along the window area to address the privacy needs and provide a quiet space to take conference calls. Phone booths are dotted across the office where one can walk in for a quick call. Immense importance is given to natural lighting and is achieved through large windows that allow plenty of sunlight to pour in.

Biophilic Element

An interesting point to the design of this office is, no matter where one is seated, one is afforded with a view of nature, via the huge windows that overlook the greenery outside or biophilic elements within the space. A preserved green wall – consisting of 100% naturally grown and sustainably harvested plants and moss, which have been treated with nontoxic solution – was added to the interior, and this combined with lush foliage in strategic points, provide respite to tired eyes and help recharge.


With versatility a preferred commodity, the conference room has been designed to suit different configurations perfect for small gatherings to townhalls or even as multiple meeting spaces. The idea behind this multipurpose rooms was to have three meeting rooms with operable wall to be used independently, while having the flexibility to combine the rooms. To realise this design, foldable tables and nestable chairs, were selected to allow flexibility for easy reconfiguration or to be stored away. Besides that, modular mobile stage was also introduced to the space for seminar setting. To keep the space looking clean, storage spaces are concealed within the wall finishes.

Attention to Minutes

Details To leave a tidy impression, SCA has ingeniously applied anti-fingerprint properties on some of the materials at areas that sees heavy usage. Other than that, in the multipurpose room and Work Cafe, the embossed sound-absorbing panel are part of the design features – this helps contain the noise within. Designing a conducive space that caters to different individuals and nature of work, booths that are ideal for one person to work in have been designed. Cutting off distractions, the booth has sound insulation, which eliminates noise and privacy issues, making it a perfect pod to be placed in an open-plan office. The adjustable table and seat, replete with footrests on the floor and fixed to the seat, keeps users comfortable even for extended periods. There is also the multi-functional pod suitable for meetings, brainstorming sessions, or even one-on-one conversations in private.

Ergonomic Design

The physical and mental condition of an employee has a massive impact on productivity levels; therefore, it is pivotal for an ergonomic design to be adopted at the workplace. With this in mind, the team at SCA have installed height adjustable desks that encourage increased standing and more movement. This also serves a dual role as it can also lead to better interaction and engagement, creating a more dynamic and collaborative working environment to improve well-being working style.


The design process of this Financial Institution wasn’t without its challenges, and they were resolved through the quick thinking of the SCA team. Among the challenges was to allow natural light in; where the Work Café is located, there is no direct sunlight and to address this, they implemented transparent glass above the Work Café entrance wall to allow more natural light to stream in. Another challenge was sourcing materials. Due to global shortage – as a result of the global pandemic – there was a lack of supply for the selected base timber the team had opted to use for the entire project. But never one to back down from a challenge, SCA managed to find and replace with ex-stock material for certain location to match back the intended timber laminate.

This Financial Institution with its design ideology appears youthful, vibrant, and, bold.